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DNA from Occupy thug matches DNA from 2004 murder

Suspect in Occupy Wall Street crime is now also a suspect in the 2004 strangulation of Sarah Knox. Photo from New York Times.

The Occupy movement has been rocked by drugs, rapes, violent crimes, and terrorism charges.

Now the New York Times reports that DNA recovered from a violent Occupy protester matches DNA from the 2004 murder of a college student.

From New York Times…

DNA recovered from a chain at the site of an Occupy Wall Street protest in March has been matched with DNA linked to the unsolved killing of a Juilliard student in 2004, law enforcement officials familiar with the case said on Tuesday.

The student, Sarah Fox, 21, disappeared while on a jog in Inwood Hill Park in May 2004, and her naked body was found in the park almost a week later surrounded by yellow tulip petals. The DNA on the chain from the New York protest, the officials said, was matched with DNA found on her portable compact disc player, which was found in the park several days after her body was discovered.

The chain was used in March to prop open an emergency exit door at a subway station as part of an Occupy Wall Street action to allow passengers to ride free.

The police later released surveillance video of people in dark hoods and masks wrapping a long silver chain around the emergency exit door.

Officials said they had fed the DNA from the chain into a database, hoping to find the perpetrators. A computer indicated that some DNA matched that on Ms. Fox’s CD player.

Ms. Fox’s sister, Samantha Washlick, 33, said she had been given few details about the development in the death of her sister, who the police said was strangled. No one was ever charged.