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Federal judge orders NYFD to hire hundreds of unqualified minorities with back pay

A Federal judge ordered the New York Fire Department to hire nearly 300 black and Latino applicants who failed to meet the requirements. The ruling also calls for the unqualified applicants to be showered with up to $128.7 million dollars in “back pay.”


A federal judge is ordering the New York City Fire Department to implement racial quotas to address grievances from minorities who failed entrance exams.

On July 5 in Brooklyn, Nicholas G. Garaufis, a Clinton-appointed judge for the Eastern District of New York, issued a ruling that requires two of every five newly hired fireman to be black and one of every five, Hispanic — until the department has fulfilled the court-ordered quota of 186 black and 107 Hispanic hires.

The ruling allows back pay — totaling an estimated $128.7 million — for minorities who failed written tests.

The court order is a response to a lawsuit alleging that two placement exams (Written Exams 7029 or 2043) for the FDNY were discriminatory against blacks and Hispanics, because fewer minorities passed the exam than whites.