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German authorities continue to downplay Dresden

Near the end of WWII, Winston Churchill declared Dresden a safehaven for German refugees. The population swelled from 1 million to 2 million. Most of the refugees were women and children. Then the British and American air forces conducted a mass firebombing of the city. The bombing held no strategic importance. It is widely believed by historians that the motive of the bombing was to prove to Joseph Stalin that the allies could be as brutal as he was.

American author Kurt Vonnegut was a POW in Dresden at the time of the bombing. Most Americans had no knowledge of the attack until the release of his movie Slaughterhouse-5. After the movie, the US government conducted a study and said 100,000 German civilians were killed in the firebombing. Most of the victims were homeless refugees.

A bizarre new form of “white guilt” in German is to deny war crimes against their own people. Members of the far-left German political parties now downplay and/or dispute war crimes against Germany. However, German people are sent to prison for downplaying or disputing war crimes committed by Germans during WWII. The firebombing of Dresden has been downplayed into a minor event by left-wing political parties in Germany in recent years. Those who continue to hold memorials for the victims at Dresden are denounced as “Nazi-sympathizers.”

In 2002, the remains of eleven children and adult females were excavated in Dresden. Local authorities hid the excavation from the public. A major German news outlet is asking why the dig was censored to the public.

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