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German IOC member attacked for waving in a way that some say vaguely resembles a Roman salute

Far-left radicals in the Greek IOC expelled Voula Papachristou. It has emerged that the real reason the IOC bullies went after her is because she expressed public support for a right-wing Greek political party.

A German member of the IOC is now under attack for waving at the German athletes. “Racism” hunters say the way he waved might be misinterpreted by some as a Nazi salute. Apparently Germans must now go through great pains to make sure the way they wave does not in any way resemble a Roman salute.

Already a Greek athlete has been expelled for tweeting about illegal immigration in Greece. It later came out that the radical left was already gunning for her because she supporter Golden Dawn, an anti-immigration Greek political party.

It never ends!

Watch the kinda-sorta vaguely resembles a Roman salute, which was used by the Nazi party, wave.

[youtube MPHLiWiISGU]