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Holder's ATF boss threatens whistleblowers

by Kyle Rogers

The ATF’s Fast & Furious scandal has now led to Eric Holder being the first Attorney General ever found in contempt of Congress. Had it not been for whistle-blowers, the ATF’s arming of Mexican drug cartels would probably still be a secret.

Now a video memo from ATF boss Todd Jones has been leaked to the public by an unknown ATF employee. The video shows Todd Jones threatening agents not to go outside the chain of command.

Jones states, ” if you don’t find the appropriate way to raise your concerns to your leadership, there will be consequences.” Congressman Chuck Grassley sent Todd Jones a letter saying that the statement appears to be a threat against potential whistle-blowers.

Last April the UK Guadian stated that the Obama administration has shown “ferocious hostility” towards whistle-blowers.

Obama has been strongly denounced by both the left and the right for his lack of transparency and treatment of whistle-blowers. During his campaign for president, Obama pledged transparency and said he would protect whistle-blowers.

Salon, a left-wing publication, has denounced Obama as having a worse record than Bush when it comes to whistle-blowers and transparency. The Huffington Post has attacked the Obama administration for indicting and prosecuting numerous whistle-blowers.

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