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Homosexual American blacks have highest HIV/AIDS rate in the industrialized world

Black Americans are catching up with Africa in HIV/AIDS infection rates.

“AIDS in America is a black disease, no matter how you look at it,” – Phill Wilson, President and CEO of Black AIDS Institute

In some American cities, 50% of all adult black males who identify as homosexual have HIV/AIDS. Black males are also far less likely to get tested.

Black males who identify as heterosexual are over 15 times more likely to be HIV/AIDS positive than heterosexual white men. Black females are over twenty times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV/AIDS than white females. Heterosexual sex with black males is the leading cause of HIV/AIDS among white females.

From AFP…

HIV-AIDS is affecting black gay men in the United States on a scale unseen among any other group in the developed world, said a report issued Wednesday ahead of the International AIDS Conference.

So grave is the crisis that in some US cities, one in two black men who have sex with other men are HIV positive, according to the report from the Black AIDS Institute, the only national HIV-AIDS think tank focusing on African Americans.

“AIDS in America is a black disease, no matter how you look at it,” its president and chief executive Phill Wilson, who is himself HIV positive, said ahead of Sunday’s opening of the six-day global conference.

“The best lens through which to figure out what AIDS looks like in America is to look at AIDS in black America,” he said in an interview, adding that it was time to “jump-start a new conversation… and build a robust response” to the crisis.

The 74-page report, “Back of the Line: The State of AIDS Among Black Gay Men in America,” says black gay and bisexual men make up one in 500 Americans overall, but account for one in four new HIV infections in the United States.

HIV prevalence among such men is twice as high than among their white counterparts. They are also far less likely to be alive three years after being diagnosed with AIDS than white or Latino gays and bisexuals.

What’s more, black gay and bisexual men are seven times more likely than non-black counterparts to have undiagnosed HIV.

The CDC blames astronomical black infection rates with “discrimination,” “limited access to health care,” and “poverty.” These excuses are baseless and easily debunked. Studies show that America’s “poor” are receiving better health care than America’s middle class. Tens of millions have been spent to teach black children about safe sex in schools. Even more money has been spent to give inner city black males free condoms. Blacks are the chief target of safe sex programs, not the victim of “discrimination.”

What are the real reasons?

Black males are far more likely to commit a felony and go to prison than other races. Once in prison, black males who identify as heterosexual engage in homosexual relations at the highest rates. “Heterosexual” black males spread the disease to each other in prison. Once released, infected males spread the disease to females.

Black males are more promiscuous than any other racial groups. Black males are the least likely to use protection of any racial group. Blacks who are at high risk of having the disease are the least likely of any racial group to get tested.