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Is the internet full of "racists" ?

Pictures like this are a huge hit on the internet.

Note: The CofCC does not advocate posting incendiary racial comments anonymously on the internet.

Behind closed doors and anonymous screen names, Americans suddenly become far less politically correct. There is no doubt that people are far less cordial when using an anonymous screen name on the internet. People also immediately lose their political inhibitions.

Two leading internet websites are currently complaining about rampant “racism” on their websites.

Youtube concerned over “Racist” comments. Huffington Post recently demonized youtube as being full of “illiterate racists.” Youtube is considering major changes to its comment system to end “wild west” atmosphere.

From Daily Mail…

YouTube’s comment section is notoriously nasty. Buzzfeed called its commentors the ‘worst on the internet,’ likening them to ‘the dregs, the scum, the poison.’

‘YouTube is a comment disaster on an unprecedented scale,’ writer John Herrman said in an article last month.

‘YouTube comments read like gibberish and don’t really seem connected to one another. Content ranges from typed grunts to racist sentence fragments to nonsensical homophobic outbursts.’ concerned of rampant “racist” posts and comments.

Reddit recently added this prominent banner to its website: “A statement from the mods regarding blatant and subtly racist comments”

When you click on the banner you get this message. “Over the past few weeks we’ve noticed a surge in the amount of racist material posted here, to the point where we are considering a change in policy to address it.”