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John Rocker on the "racism" charge

From (by John Rocker)…

“Racist” is a very powerful word. It’s a word that can weaken the knees and shake the conscience of anyone to whom it is directed. It’s a word that can end any argument and thwart any debate with almost immediate precision. When that big ol’ ace of spades hits the table with the word “racist!” stamped on it, it’s enough to send any discussion from 100 to 0 in half a second flat, with nothing more than the smell of smoking brakes in the air. It’s also a word that is thrown around much too carelessly in our society.

If you have a tendency to follow mainstream media as I do, you have no doubt noticed the obnoxious level of frequency the word racist is being used. Everyone seems to be a “racist” these days. On some occasions when that card is laid there is pointed justification; in many more instances, however, the effort to point the dirty finger of racist accusation is simply absurd, designed to do nothing more than stifle all legitimate debate, derail the creation of common-sense policy, suffocate the enforcement of already existing measures or simply further ingrain the ideal of victimology into American society, along with further securing all of the benefits imparted to those seen as “victims.”

I have very little doubt that a great deal of exception was taken by all 241 members of the House of Representatives when they were accused of being racists for holding Eric Holder in contempt. A list of documents was repeatedly requested by members of Congress. Those requests were repeatedly ignored. It would seem that a contempt action would be the next logical step. Racial bias? How? This is not 1968 Selma, Ala.! I would like to think we have progressed as a nation far beyond our elected officials behaving along the whims of racial bias.

Evidently, according to special-interest groups and fear-mongering liberals, it’s not just House Republicans who are steeped in hatred and bigotry. According to some, legislators in Texas and South Carolina who have the audacity to suggest that a voter should be required by law to produce proper ID are participating in a racial agenda as well. In every corner of this country, members of all races, nationalities, colors, creeds and sexual orientations are required to have valid photo ID to operate an automobile, board a plane, even pick up a prescription. In these and many more scenarios, the identification requirements to perform certain functions are simply seen as the normal way of doing things. Being required to identify yourself prior to electing the next leader of the free world, however, is “racist” – end of discussion.

Do those who suggest this racial bias feel that minorities who may be affected by such a law are incapable of performing such a simple task? Isn’t underestimating someone’s ability to perform a task based on that person’s race the basic cornerstone of bigotry? Sometimes the intentionally blind eye some turn toward common sense borders on plain insanity.