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No one at the White House will disclose their real policy on Israel

Mitt Romney is visiting Israel to try to win over American Jews (80% voted for Obama in 2008). Obama sought to one up Romney by pledging an extra $70 million in US taxpayer dollars for Israeli defense. Yet no one at the White House will even disclose what their real policy on Israel even is. Obama’s latest $70 million aid packages come with new pledges of military support without asking for anything in return.

Watch the response by Obama’s press secretary to what is an extremely basic question about Obama’s foreign policy. This is reminiscent of when Obama repeatedly voted “present” on important issues in the Senate. Obama doesn’t want to go on record as supporting anything.

The US gives billions in US taxdollars to fund the armies of foreign nations. Israel was the leading beneficiary from 1976-2002. It is now in third place behind Afghanistan and Iraq. Other top beneficiaries are Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, and Columbia. Note: This does not includes the tens of Billions used to “fund democracy” overseas.

[youtube dGEn1TZtEmQ]