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SPLC is fighting hate for $106k a day

Record Breaking Bloat. The SPLC probably is hoarding over $200k that most donors probably believe was spent to "combat hate" and/or help poor minorities. The 2008 dip was caused by bad stock investments. Photo from Watching the Watchdogs.

Watchdog group slams SPLC.

SPLC con game is bringing in $106k a day. Much of this is going to an endowment that is now worth over $200 million. Morris Dees says the massive endowment is needed to cover future increases in postage. Skeptics call it the “Morris Dees Retirement Fund.” In 2011, the SPLC spent $4.6 million on administrative expenses.

After 41 years, SPLC still has all Caucasian leadership. The SPLC has never had a top executive who was a person of color.

Top earners are all Caucasian. Note: Morris Dees also gets hundreds of thousands more in bonuses each year. He lives in a gated palace that looks like the home of a Saudi Prince.

The SPLC’s six figure earners:

Richard Cohen — President/CEO — $339,764
Morris Dees — Founder and Chief Trial Counsel — $343,676
Michael Toohey, the SPLC’s COO, $230,181
Joseph Levin — Director and General Counsel — $184, 411
Mary Bauer — Legal Director — $164,103
Teenie Hutchinson — CFO — $156,623 159,752
David Utter — Director — Miami – $155,777
Mark Potok — Intelligence Director — $151,392
Wendy Via — Development Director — $148,537

The only black director is Civil Rights Memorial Director Lecia Brooks. Her salary is not itemized on the SPLC tax filings, meaning it is below $70k.

In 1994, the SPLC was slammed by the Montgomery Advertiser for being a “Civil Rights” group with no black leaders. Morris Dees responded by saying “It is not easy to find black lawyers. Any organization can tell you that.”

Tax filings show black “Board Members” are a fraud.

SPLC’s phony black “Board Members” are all unpaid. Source.

Major evidence of sexism at SPLC.

SPLC intelligence project spokeswoman Heidi Beirich has a PD.D. and two Masters Degrees. Her boss is Mark Potok who has a BA in political science. Beirich seems to spend far more time representing the SPLC in front of the media than her boss Potok. Beirich has been employed since the late 90s.

Potok is a top earner at $151,392. Beirich does not earn enough to be listed, meaning she is below 70k. At best, Heidi is making less than half what her dramatically less educated male boss is making.

SPLC “Hate Map” debunked.

The biggest dirt! Want to see what kind of man Morris Dees really is?

Check out the Morris Dees divorce papers.

Liberal icon Stephen Colbert slams the SPLC as a fundraising hustle.