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Toronto slaughter. 19 shot, 2 killed at block party

Canadian media is mass censorship mode. Guns, Society, and America blamed for gang shooting.

A recent block party in Toronto ended with nineteen people getting shot and three more trampled. The Canadian media is aggressively censoring the race of the people involved. The local Channel 24 censored all relevant details and simply blamed everything on guns.

Other Canadian news outlets blamed guns and/or “society.” Profiles of the victims include the obligatory “wrong place at the wrong time.” The mayor of Toronto held a press conference to declare his city “the safest in the world.” The mayor did not provide any evidence to back this claim. Several  media outlets blamed America, saying Toronto was picking up the bad habits of a large American city. The National Post published data on Toronto homicides. They included racial data on the victims, but censored racial data on the known offenders. Toronto police record the race of perpetrators, but there does not seem to be any media outlet in Canada that has ever published this information.

One thing the Canadian press absolutely does not want you to know is that the block party took place behind a housing project on a block that is overwhelmingly black. It seems there is a massive effort to censor who is committing all the murders in Toronto.

The media also doesn’t want you to know that this particularly violent district is also an immigrant enclave. Southeast Asians make up the largest group, followed by Chinese, followed by Jamaicans. The publication Eye Weekly recently called the neighborhood “an embarrassment to Toronto.” The area is over 70% non-white.

The youngest gunshot victim is an infant. The youngest fatality is a fourteen year old girl.

Better picture of shooting plays out on twitter (story from …

Here‘s the most riveting piece of journalism I’ve read in recent memory. It’s an account of last night’s shooting at a suburban block party in Scarborough, north east of metro Toronto, where a reported 22 people were injured and another 2 killed. It’s the most complete recounting of the incident published yet, containing all sorts of details absent from mainstream media reports. So who scooped the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Sun and the CBC? Someone calling themself  BitchslappedByLogic, a pseudonymous contributor to the social news site Reddit who created the report solely by scraping Twitter for first-hand accounts.

The result is extraordinary, a near-instant scrapbook of the crime that intimately connects us with the community around it. The young people in the Scarborough community seem to use Twitter a lot. Many of the people whose tweets went into the scrapbook have tweeted over 30,000 times, with average audiences of less than 700 followers. For a gang-riddled community that vilifies “snitching” above all offenses, there’s a lot of loose talk online, most of it written in Caribbean patois-inflected street slang, seemingly intended solely for an audience of close friends, but all of it of course open to the public.

BitchslappedByLogic starts before the party even began, linking to tweets from the party’s host and from folks planning to attend. Clicking the links takes one on a chilling trip back in time, when an exuberant invite tweet went out with an Instagram photo of cognac bottles. At least three people predicted trouble, one of them gravely cautioning her followers: “[tonight] let us not war but party and bullshit.”