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Vicious hate crime mob attack on 13 year old girl at NYC pool

Photo from New York Post

New York City spent $50 million to re-open a huge public pool on June 28th. In less than a month there have been at least four major mob attacks. The pool also experiences daily violence and chronic problems with patrons defecating in the pool.

The latest mob attack was the racially motivated assault of a thirteen year old white teen by older black teens.  The perps gloated on the internet about the crime, so we know they were all black. However, the New York media is censoring the race of the perpetrators in all of the mob attacks.

From New York Post…

But when they passed through the exit, they found the older girl and four members of her posse waiting.

“We just kept on walking,’’ Sara said, recalling her actions on July 11.

“They started following us. I was trying to stand up for myself, I was like, there’s five of you guys there’s only three of us, we’re really little,’’ she said. “I was scared, it was five against three.”

One of the older teens got in her face and declared, “I’m going to hit you and I’m just going to walk away.’’

Sara and her friends started running, but the older girls caught up. One made a video, which was posted on YouTube.

One of bullies yelled, “Go get her!’’ Sara said.

That’s when Eva Hawley, 16, allegedly landed a right hook to her nose.

“She’s jumping up and down, hysterically, laughing,” said a source who saw the YouTube video before it was taken down.

The older girls then took off and Sara, holding a towel to her bleeding nose, sat on a bench.

The attackers came back, one of them ripped the towel away and laughed.

“You are a bad-ass bully,” a Hawley pal gloated. “You f–ked up her nose good.”

“They were tormenting her and laughing,” the source said. “The victim starts to cry and they are mocking her for crying.”

The attack is the fourth violent incident since the Williamsburg pool reopened on June 28 after a $50 million renovation.