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America is turning against the nefarious SPLC

For decades the SPLC has netted tens of millions a year by beating the twice dead horse of the Ku Klux Klan. Yet, earlier this year, the SPLC could not even name a single actual Klan leader or member of any significance. Not a single Klan member or leader appears on their list of “thirty to watch.” They named three “neo-Nazi” leaders. One does not even currently live in the US. So he is not actually leading anything. The other two, the SPLC admits do have any followers and aren’t actually leading anything either. So they couldn’t name a single real “neo-Nazi” leader. The SPLC has no real threats to point too, so they have to invent threats.

The SPLC has now been demonizing mainstream conservative groups. The outfit has become a militarized venom spewing machine of the far-left. The groups crazed and ridiculous accusation led directly to the Chick-fil-A media frenzy. Their vitriol probably contributed to a failed left-wing terrorist attack on the office of the Family Research Council in DC this week.


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