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Another media outlet falsely depicts bad behaving minority students as white

For the second time this week we have found an article about minority students, in which the media outlet fraudulently depicts the minority students as white.

This time the fraudster is CBS New York City.

The NYC school district is following Barack Obama’s new “African American Education Initiative” and reducing the penalties for misbehavior in school. The goal is to reduce the number of black students who get suspended, by excusing bad behavior. In this case NYC will relax penalties for smoking, swearing, and cutting class.

Obviously, the rule will simply encourage students to smoke, curse, and cut class more. The new rules are obvious aimed at reducing black suspensions as it come on the heels of an executive order by Barack Obama to do so.

New York city public schools are 40% Latino, 33% black, 14% Asian, and 13% white. Yet CBS NYC shows a picture of four students who are all white.

This goes beyond the usual censorship of black crime to intentionally distorting reality.

See article from CBS.