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Blacks overwhelmingly refuse to vote for a white over a black

We saw the Alvin Green fiasco in South Carolina. Blacks voted for a mentally unstable black man who was recently kicked out of the Army and facing felony obscenity charges. He beat a white Judge in the Democratic primary for US Senate. The black candidate did not even campaign after submitting his filing fee. The NAACP and other black leaders continued to defended the black candidate even when South Carolina became an international laughing-stock over the incident.

In the upcoming presidential run, even though many blacks are very dissatisfied with Obama, they absolutely refuse to vote for any white person over Obama.

Blacks vote as a bloc along racial lines more than any other group in the US. Obama was supposed to herald a “post-racial” America. Now, politics are more divided by race than ever.

According to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, black support Obama by 94% and Romney by 0%. Six percent were undecided.