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Bombshell Exploding: Napolitano accused of massive sexual scandal

Janet Napolitano, America's Ernst Rohm

Napolitano allegedly runs the DHS, a department best known for groping people at the airport, as a Lesbian “frat house.” Male employees are allegedly discriminated against and openly sexually harassed.

“Big Sis” Janet Napolitano, Obama’s head of the Department of Homeland security, may be running the biggest sex scandal in Federal history.

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera accuses Napolitano of orchestrating a lesbian takeover of her Federal department. Napolitano is also been under fire for her draconian police state tactics and her protection of illegal aliens.

A lawsuit alleges that Napolitano and her lesbian cabal openly discriminated against and sexually harassed male employees.

Napolitano created a “frat house” atmosphere.