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Did SPLC inspire DC terrorist attack?

It is believed that the terrorist was politically motivated. The SPLC has been spewing vitriol against the FRC on a national stage. Was the terrorist inspired by the SPLC?

The SPLC has adopted a very militant, hardline image. Did they inspire the DC terrorist?

The Southern Poverty Law Center has been demonizing the Family Research Council, a mainstream conservative advocacy group, as a “hate group.” The SPLC has been spewing hate-filled, incendiary rhetoric against the group on a national stage.

Promotion of violent criminal gang by the SPLC:

The SPLC website has posted links to a national umbrella website for a network of violent left-wing gangs known as ARA/Antifa. The website has a well known history of promoting, encouraging, and glorifying violent criminal activity. The website is so radical it has been booted from several web hosts in the past. However, the SPLC apparently sees nothing wrong with it.

The SPLC website has interviewed one of the main ARA/Antifa gang leaders whom they portrayed as one of the good guys. This same person was recently present at the scene of a violent assault in Harrisburg, PA. A member of the gang was arrested and is being prosecuted for that assault. This same gang leader is also currently being sued for his alleged role in a harassment campaign of some DC area hotels.

Recently the ARA/Antifa gang committed a major violent mob attack at a restaurant in Chicago. Five members are in Cook County jail and face major felony charges. Cook County has classified the group as a criminal gang. SPLC boss Mark Potok denounced the gang to the Chicago media.

Even after SPLC boss Mark Potok publicly denounced the gang, the SPLC website ran a piece linking to and promoting the gang’s main website!