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Government Secrecy and the Tinley Park Incident

Government Secrecy and the Tinley Park Incident
Special to Council of Conservative Citizens

By: Kyle Bristow

On May 19, 2012, a mob of roughly two-dozen masked leftists armed with crowbars, baseball bats, knives, batons, and other weapons stormed the Ashford House restaurant of Tinley Park, Illinois. Their target was a group of right-wingers who were peacefully conducting a private meeting at which they discussed the state of the economy. The Ashford House was subjected to damage in an amount of over ten thousand dollars, and three restaurant patrons were sent to the hospital by and through the actions of the leftists.

During their escape, five of the leftists who had purportedly engaged in the attack were caught by police officers. Leftists nationwide have dubbed these individuals the “Tinley Park Five” and are portraying them as hapless political prisoners who have done nothing wrong. Collectively, the bail of the Tinley Park Five was set at nearly one million dollars for the multitude of felonies that they are alleged to have committed.

In June, via the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”), I requested from the government of Tinley Park and the prosecutor who is prosecuting the Tinley Park Five DVD copies of any and all 911 calls made regarding the attack on the Ashford House, as well as DVD copies of any and all video footage that was recorded during the Ashford House incident.

Both the government of Tinley Park and the prosecutor’s office denied my FOIA request in its entirety on the basis that release of the requested records would interfere with a pending or contemplated criminal prosecution. I have appealed to the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and have raised such valid points as to why the denial of my FOIA request has been done in violation of state law that the attorney general has issued a statement to me in which it is asserted that they “have determined that further inquiry is necessary” on the basis of the arguments set forth in my appeal.

Not willing to capitulate, Tinley Park has retained the law firm of Klein, Thorpe & Jenkins to mount a defense to my appeal. Although I fully expect to ultimately win—either through the administrative appeal or by way of a lawsuit—, the Tinley Park government appears to be hell-bent on trying to stifle free speech and inquiry into matters of public concern.

Interestingly enough, the lawyer who filed the response to my appeal wrote that there is a “third piece of evidence that would fall under the categorical terms of the request. . . . This piece of evidence is critically important to the ongoing criminal investigation and the search for the remaining suspects. To our knowledge, it has not been shared with anyone other than the States Attorney and other investigating agencies.” One can only speculate as to what this mystery evidence constitutes, but in all likelihood it is surveillance footage of the right-wingers who were meeting at the restaurant. I theorize that the government was spying on the right-wingers from the get-go.

In the interest of furthering political discourse, I will release the 911 audio and video camera footage as soon as it is provided to me.

Kyle Bristow is a graduate of the University of Toledo College of Law and the author of White Apocalypse, which is available at