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Heroine nurse from Batman shooting mysteriously dies

Nurse Jenny Gallagher two weeks before her mysterious death.

Bizarre treatment by media! A search on shows multiple news sites in Ireland, but none in the United States reporting her death.

Gallagher was credited with saving the lives of multiple gunshot victims after the theater shooting. She became a local celebrity. She was hand picked to stand in the front of the Barack Obama campaign photo op at the hospital.

Then she died mysteriously and the media did not even report it.

Jennifer Ann Gallagher, allegedly went on a late nigh swim in a lake. She was found dead the next day.

Gallagher treated numerous gunshot victims after the spree killing.

This shocking twist in the theater shooting came out in the Irish media! The Denver media thought unnewsworthy to report her death.

Report on the death of Gallagher in the Irish Herald. The local media only reported that someone drowned.

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