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International firestorm after David Mustaine accuses US government of staging false flags

The Obama administration intentionally supplied a major drug cartel with weapons and military grade parts for constructing hand grenades. Officially, the operation was for “research.” They allowed the same cartel to deliver shipments of drugs to Chicago as “research.”

These weapons were used to kill two members of American law enforcement and over two hundred Mexican citizens. Internal DOJ documents state that the purpose of the operations was to create a situation that could be used to justify taking away the gun rights of American citizens.

If they would stage “Fast & Furious” to blame the 2nd amendment, what else would they stage? Multiple eyewitnesses at both the theater shooting and the temple shooting claim that the killer had accomplices. Witnesses at the temple state that there was a “four man team.” The temple shooter is a former US army spyops specialist and his behavior over the past ten years fits the profile of a paid FBI asset. The surveillance cameras that the temple were mysteriously turned off despite suspicions that the temple was being “cased” in the days leading up to the spree killing.

The theater shooter was a college student who was being evicted from his apartment for lack of rent money. Yet he acquired over $10,000 in sophisticated body armor, guns, ammo, and bomb making materials during the three months leading up to the spree killing.

[youtube KyDmoCDgqBk]