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Major former ANC leader – "We were better off under Apartheid"

One of the biggest figures in the ANC has broke ranks and declared that blacks were better off under Apartheid. Julius Malema recently split with the ANC. Malema is famous for singing songs about murdering white people at ANC rallies.

The schism between Malema and the ANC reflects the rapid change in the ethnic makeup of the ANC leadership. Malema was part of the old ANC leadership that was at odds with the Zulu people. Now the Zulu have taken control of the ANC and other ethnic groups have been pushed out.

ANC leaders has mismanaged South Africa’s lucrative mines and natural resources. Some of the most valuable gold mines in the world lay in complete disrepair and the workers are owed months of back pay. In some case, elevators and heavy equipment have been stripped and sold for scrap.

Over forty black mine workers were shot by law enforcement during recent riots.

From IOL News South Africa…

Johannesburg – Black people are worse off than they were during the apartheid years, expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said on Thursday.

“We are worse [off] than during the times of apartheid. We are being killed by our own people. We are being oppressed by our own government,” he told mineworkers at the Aurora mine in Grootvlei, Springs.

More than 1000 mineworkers from the liquidated Aurora Empowerment Systems and the neighbouring Gold One arrived to hear Malema speak.

He said politicians could not help the workers because they benefited from the mines and had shares in them.

“Every mine has a politician inside. They give them money every month, they call it shares. But it is protection fee to protect whites against the workers.”

He said the fact the Aurora crisis had lasted for four years showed there was no leadership in the country. Aurora Empowerment Systems bought the mines when the previous owner, Pamodzi Gold, went into liquidation. Since then workers have not been paid and the mines have been stripped of assets.

“If there was leadership in this country it can’t take four years. Four years shows that there is not leadership. When they (politicians) arrive to represent you, they give them money and they forget you.”

Malema told the workers they should form a committee to speak to the lawyers and present their complaints to the liquidators of Aurora.

He announced what he labelled the start of a revolution in the mining sector.

“We are going to lead a mining revolution in this country. We are going to each mine. We will run these mines ungovernable until the boers come to the table,” he said.