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Offensive Crucifix Cartoon Has German Christians Fuming.

The German city of Kassel is best known for the art exhibition Documenta, which is currently taking place. These days, though, a local caricature museum is dominating the headlines with a controversial cartoon hanging in its window, depicting Jesus on the cross. Christian leaders want it removed.

The cartoon in question is hanging outside the Kulturbahnhof, a cultural center which houses the caricature museum, known as Caricatura. It depicts Jesus in agony on the cross as a voice calls down from heaven, “Hey, you. I F***** your mother.”

Museum head Martin Sonntag has rejected calls to remove the poster. He told the HNA that caricatures are by their very nature offensive to some observers. “But we can’t remove caricatures after every complaint,” he said. Were the museum to take into account all religious and other viewpoints, he added, it would have to close its doors.

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