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Refugees on welfare live in $2 million dollar house

“I deserve to live in a nice house and get benefits” says mother. A family of refugees on welfare is demanding the right to stay in a $2 million home in England at taxpayer expense. Even though they admit to trashing the house.

Britain’s aliens live in the lap of luxury while demanding more and screaming “racism” the whole time.

From UK Daily…

A family of jobless refugees who allegedly wrecked a £1.25million house paid for by the taxpayer claim they are ‘entitled’ to live there.

Manal Mahmoud and her seven children moved into the Victorian end-of-terrace home after it was given a £76,000 facelift.

But yesterday the Palestinian immigrants were branded the ‘family from hell’ by nearby residents as it emerged that they face eviction from the three-bedroom property in Fulham, West London, for their ‘appalling behaviour’.

It follows complaints to police about anti-social behaviour at the property, where the driveway has been smashed up, doors are hanging off and rubbish and furniture have been dumped in the garden.

Although the family claim they do not have the money to maintain the house, they drive a Mercedes and  the house is fitted with expensive electronic goods including a widescreen plasma television and a laptop computer.

Yesterday Mrs Mahmoud, who came to Britain in 2000 with her husband before they split up, said she was living with six of her children aged between five and 17.

Her 19-year-old son Ossama is in prison for drug dealing.

She added: ‘I am entitled to live in a house like this, even if I don’t pay for it and get benefits.

‘It is fair that the Government houses us.

‘I know I have a son who makes trouble but that doesn’t mean all my children are the same.