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SPLC gives a shout out to violent criminal gang

SPLC boss Mark Potok denounced the violent gang to the Chicago media. However the SPLC website and magazine seem to play footsie with the violent thugs.

Over the past few years the SPLC has become more nasty than ever. They spew vitriol at mainstream conservative groups on a national stage. The venomous rhetoric triggered the recent attacks on the Chick-fil-A franchise.

The SPLC has been plugging the violent criminal gang network ARA/Antifa. The SPLC website has repeatedly linked to an umbrella website for the gang network, which has a history of encouraging violence. The webmaster of the site is currently being sued for his alleged role in a harassment campaign against some DC area hotels. He was also present at the scene of a recent violent assault by an ARA/Antifa gang member in Pennsylvania in 2012. The suspect is facing felony assault charges in that attack.

Even after SPLC boss Mark Potok officially denounced the gang network to the Chicago media, the SPLC website has plugged the violent gang’s website.

The new issue of their intelligence project reports on a major criminal mob assault by the gang in in Chicago. The SPLC reports on the attack but goes out of its way not to condemn the violent gang. It simply ends its piece by saying “As a practical matter, that has frequently meant illegal violence.” The SPLC seems to be giving a subtle wink to the violent criminal gang. The don’t explicitly condemn the gang or it’s violence, they simply state that the violence is illegal.

The ARA/Antifa gang network has been classified as a criminal street gang by Cook County, Illinois. Five suspects are facing major felonies in the attack. Thirteen more suspects are being sought.

The SPLC engages in some complete falsehoods and fabrications as well.

This is an actual approved comment on the SPLC website. The comment was applauding the racially motivated torture murders of white people in South Africa. Notice the poster calls himself "Antifa Paul." The terms "Antifa" and "ARA" are the two main interchangeable gang names used by the thugs. The SPLC has a huge staff running their website. The fact that they would approve this message suggests that their staff has sympathies with the violent gang.

The SPLC falsely claims that three hospitalized victims were members of the Illinois Heritage Association, and part of the intended victims. One of the hospitalized victims was an elderly retired police officer having dinner with his family. He was not attending the meeting. A second hospitalized victims appears to have also been a random person. Another victim was a random elderly woman. Another victim was the manager of the restaurant who was knocked down and kicked by multiple attackers. The SPLC completely skips over all of this!

The SPLC falsely claims the meeting’s organizer, which was the intended victims, is a member of the CofCC. This is totally invention by the SPLC. The SPLC is constantly making up false claims about the CofCC.

The SPLC claims one of the participants of the meeting, and an intended victim, was arrested for outstanding warrants for child pornography. A person was arrested for outstanding warrants at the restaurant. However, police reports link him to the attackers not the victims. Police report that the man had two tattoos matching symbols used by the same gang that attacked the restaurant. The Illinois Heritage Association reports that the man had been previously banned from an online forum, but was given information about the meeting by mistake. They believe that he was involved in organizing the gang attack on the restaurant.

The SPLC reports that another meeting attendee was charged with being a felon a felon in possession of a firearm. These charges were reduced and may be dropped completely. This person was not a felon. IL has the most draconian anti-gun laws in the nation. The man was arrested after cooperating with law enforcement and telling them about a properly stowed gun in his car, which would have been legal most anywhere else. The SPLC leaves this out.

The SPLC does not even try to pretend like they are reporting the facts. Their article looks like it could have been written by the violent gang itself.