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SPLC's disingenuous statement on DC terrorist

Yesterday a homosexual activist entered the DC headquarters of the Family Research Council, apparently with the intention to murder everyone inside. A security guard was shot in the arm who then heroically wrestled the attacker to the ground.

The attacker had political materials on him at the time. The SPLC is the organization that started the nationwide assault against the FRC, by demonizing them as a “hate group” on national television. The SPLC has also tried to link the group to David Duke and has made absurd, hate-filled statements about the mainstream conservative advocacy group.

The SPLC responded to the attack simply by stating that “we condemn all acts of violence.” The SPLC refused to comment on the effects of its own vitriol.

The SPLC clearly holds some violent acts to be worse than others. In response to the nationwide trend of black mobs attacking whites (and some Asians) around the nation, the SPLC stated that there is no evidence that the crimes are racially motivated. The SPLC said that the racial makeup of attackers and victims is a “coincidence factor.”

In response to the thousands of horrific mutilation killings of white South Africans, the SPLC says there is no evidence of racial hatred. The SPLC says that blacks target whites simply because they have better things to steal.