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SPLC's "neo-nazi outlaw motorcycle gang" was undercover cops

Latest SPLC “threat” does not exist.

Once again the SPLC fails to find any real “neo-nazi” group of any substance. The SPLC has a long history of pumping up Hal Turner as a major leader. Turner, in reality, had no following at all and was a paid actor for the FBI. The FBI has since admitted that he was a paid actor. Other groups trumpeted as major threats by the SPLC have had paid FBI actors in the leadership. One group that the SPLC railed about for years had a FBI paid actor as it’s second in command.

A group that the SPLC claimed was a “neo-nazi outlaw motorcycle gang” was nothing more than three undercover cops. The alleged gang was actually one part of a sting operation to infiltrate the Outlaws MC. A member of the Outlaws MC was invited to sell drugs out of the fake group’s clubhouse.

Law enforcement conducted raids over the past week and arrested about two dozen members of the Outlaws in Florida and Georgia.