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The truth about "hate music"

The media is talking about the threat of “racist hate music” again. By this they mean obscure garage bands, who have never sold more than a few hundred albums. This is another made up threat by the SPLC and ADL.

You can walk into any major chain record store in the US and buy albums by black artists that advocate race war and violence against white people. Dozens of famous black entertainers have spoken to the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panther Party, the Nation of Gods and Earths, and other hard core militant Black Power groups.

The Nation of Islam preaches racial holy war and says that blacks will exterminate all white people in the near future. Yet the Nation of Islam receives taxpayer dollars for its private schools!

Ice Cube has been cast to star in children’s movies! Yet he is closely connected to the Nation of Islam and the late former leader of the New Black Panther Party Khallid Abdul Muhammed.

Ice Cube is one of the most famous rap stars of all time. Here is some of his lyrics. This album can be purchased at tens of thousands of stores all over America. He has at least a have dozens albums he sings on that advocate the murder of white people. So-called “white power” music can not be found anywhere.

bust a gloc, bust a gloc, devils get shot [“devils” means white people]
nappy-headed, no-dreded look where ya read it
​buck the devil, buck the devil, look who said it
listen what I say after 1995 not one devil will be alive
god will survive, him protect the civilized [“civilized” means a black Muslim]
who really cares if the enemy lives or dies?

with the boom ping ping is the ring from the fire
me not afraid, cause me know Elijah [Elijah Muhammad, prophet in the NOI]

I know that Farrakhan is your baby Jesus
devil don’t you know I’m a soldier?

now it’s Judgement Day, and Allah’ll never play
“freedom got an AK,” them Guerilla say
Bobby Seale said, “please make it rough, bro” [Bobby Seal was a Black Panther Leader]
when God give the word, me herd like the buffalo [Waiting for a sign to begin murdering white people]
through your neighborhood, watch me blast
tribe of Shabazz, get in that ass [Tribe of Shabazz are the original black people in NOI theology]

sent me a subpoena
cause I kill more crackas then Bosnia, Herzegovina

now you treat me like a germ
cause your scared of the super sperm
please don’t bust til you see, the whites of his eyes
the whites of his skin, the whites of his lies

Read more Ice Cube lyrics here.

Here Ice Cube speaks at a Nation of Islam mosque with “Farrakhan’s flamethrower” Khallid Muhammed. Watch how he attacks white people.

[youtube 48x2SE60a0Y]

Why are there so many media articles about the threat of white garage bands who have never achieved any kind of commercial success? Why is there a total media blackout on the black superstars who sing about race war and Black Power?