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Congressman Walter Jones speaks to the Political Cesspool

Note: James Edwards will be speaking at the upcoming CofCC regional conference in Jackson, MS. There will be a live remote broadcast of the political cesspool after the conference.

From The Political Cesspool…

On Saturday night we had the privilege of hosting the Honorable United States Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) on our award-winning talk radio program. Rep. Jones has long been a principled leader who, like us, allows his life to be guided by his faith in God.

His thirty minute live appearance was both cordial and enthusiastic. During the interview we focused on House Concurrent Resolution 107, which proposed that Congress should consider waging wars without an Act of Congress as grounds for impeachment of the President for High Crimes and Misdemeanors according to the Constitution of the United States of America. This piece of legislation was originally introduced by Congressman Jones.

Also appearing on the September 8 installment of The Political Cesspool Radio Program was Sheriff Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).

Sheriff Mack is most famous for successfully challenging the 1993 federal Brady handgun control act in a landmark case that went all the way through the United States Supreme Court. Mack has been an outspoken champion of constitutionally limited government and a critic of federal usurpation and abuse of police powers.

Sheriff Mack also filed a lawsuit in federal court earlier this year against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for slander, libel and defamation. William Jasper reports that the Southern Poverty Law Center is notorious for lionizing left-wing extremists (such as unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers) and equally notorious for smearing innocent individuals and organizations with the “racist,” “extremist,” “anti-semitic,” “anti-government,” and “hate group” labels.

This was truly an episode not to be missed!

It’s our pleasure to add Congressman Jones and Sheriff Mack to our program’s all-star guest list, which includes: Peter Brimelow, Pat Buchanan, Hutton Gibson, Lt. General Hal Moore, Ted Nugent, former Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Jared Taylor, and countless other American luminaries.

When not interviewing news makers, Cesspool host James Edwards is no stranger to making news himself, having appeared as a commentator numerous times on national television. Over the course of the past decade, his work on the radio has also been the subject of articles in over 250 newspaper and magazine publications around the world, gaining him a global audience. Click here to read a classic interview he granted to CNN.

Mr. Edwards has been named an “Honorary City Councilman” in Memphis, Tennessee, where his show has received a certificate of recognition for outstanding contribution to the community.