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DC/Maryland Update

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, Mr. Jared Taylor, Director of The New Century Foundation and publisher of American Renaissance will give a presentation entitled, “What is White Identity?” at Towson University at Towson, MD, from 8 PM to 11 PM. This is a watershed event and I strongly encourage all patriots to attend and encourage others who may be of like mind to join them in attending.

Background: Mr. Matthew Heimbach, Director of the newly established Baltimore, MD subchapter of the National Capital Area Chapter, Council of Conservative Citizens(CofCC) and a student at Towson University, Maryland’s second largest educational institution(with an enrollment of 21,000 students) has established the White Students Union at the University as an organization to promote the interests of White students and to further the knowledge of and appreciation for Western Civilization on campus, has arranged for Mr. Taylor to speak to the White Students Union on the subject of White identity. The entire campus community and all interested persons or groups not part of the campus community have been invited to attend and the event is free of charge. To our knowledge, the establishment of this White Student Union is the first time such an entity has been permitted on the campus of any educational institution in the United States. All large educational institutions have student unions and many cater to special interests such as the politically favored groups such as Blacks, Hispanics, “gays”, and other supposed disadvantaged groups, but all attempts to establish such an entity specifically for Whites have hitherto been unsuccessful. Another organization, Youth For Western Civilization(YWC) has established about 30 chapters on campuses across the US, albeit with difficulty, and with only a muted reference to race, and with a lesser scope of purpose than a student union(We have had a representative of YWC speak to this CofCC chapter before). This development could be of great importance for many reasons. It opens the door to the establishment of White student unions at other institutions, makes an inroads into the most important and secure bastion of the extreme Left(educational institutions), could lead to an eventual massive overhaul of course cirricula, and would certainly improve the self-respect and educational experiences of White and conservative students generally. What is a bit astounding in this instance is that Mr. Heimbach was the director of the YWC chapter at Towson which the University disbanded in 2011 because of incredible persecution and intolerance by other students, groups, and faculty(and the university administration itself) on campus. The saga of this intolerance and persecution is detailed in an article by Mr. Heimbach in the current issue of The Citizens Informer, the CofCC newspaper. This turnabout is testament to what one dedicated individual can accomplish, and as Mr. Heimbach puts it, “the piss and vinegar of youth”.

Jared Taylor is one of the most learned, articulate, and revered spokespersons for the cause of White consciousness and rights, and dissemination of information on the subject of race, especially as it pertains to Whites, promoting the cause through the American Renaissance journal, the website, the many “AR” conferences, articles, books, publications, and a multitude of presentations and appearances on radio and TV talk shows, college campuses, and conferences in the USA and overseas. Mr. Taylor’s talk will support his current best selling book, “White Identity”.

It is important that our side have a major presence at this event. We can expect vociferous opposition to the content of Mr. Taylor’s presentation or even his presence on campus. A large turnout for our side could have a profound effect on Towson University as such. Please show your support for your beliefs and principles by attending this event.

The presentation will take place at the Chesapeake Three Room of the University Union Building on the third floor. The location is 8000 York Road, Towson, MD 21252, just inside the Baltimore Beltway. No reservations are required. Event is free. Driving directions: Take I-95 north from DC to the Baltimore Beltway(I-695). Take I-95 towards Towson(marked on signs). Take Exit 25(Charles St. South). Go south 1.7 miles. Proceed to second traffic light and T/L on on Osler Drive and follow the signs to University Union Bldg. and Union Parking Garage. Campus parking is free after 8 PM. Campus telephone# is 410-704-2000.

CofCC National Capital Area chapter notes: We expect to have the great Dr. Tomislav Sunic as presenter at a chapter event in late October(likely subject: The Future of the European Peoples)–details later… For recent samples of 4 or more nationalist pubs. including the Citizens Informer, please remit $5 to the undersigned one time or monthly…The coming MD elections feature several referenda of great importance. Contact me for details…Our Sunshine Lady will send written greetings to members and their family members on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Please send me the requisite information.

Sid Secular,