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Download Citizen Informer PDFs instantly for $4 donation

This year, the CofCC switched to a magazine format for our Citizens Informer publication. It is mailed to all members and subscribers.

Now, you can also get a pdf copy for a $4.00 donation.

Currently two issue are available for instant download.

Currently, you must pay by paypal. Click the paypal express button. You will receive an e-mail with about a minute with a username and password. That will allow you to download the pdf file. The pdf files are in 300 dpi, so it will look the same as a regular print issue if you print it on a laser printer.

Note: If you are still waiting for your last issue to come in the mail.

194 people did not get mailed the latest copy of the Citizen’s Informer. The printer for the Citizen’s Informer newspaper accidentally used an old address list instead of the one we gave them. The people who did not get mailed a paper are primarily newer members and people who recently changed their address.

The printer has taken responsibility for the screw up and new papers were mailed to the 194 missing addresses. If you are one of these people, your paper is now on the way. The paper was mailed September 5th. Papers are sent bulk rate and take 1-2 weeks to arrive.