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England continues to see hate crime mob attacks against soldiers

British soldiers at the Paralympics are being warned to travel in groups. This after a serious of vicious attacks on white soldiers by Muslim immigrants.

From BNP…

The most serious incident so far saw a lone off-duty soldier attacked by four Muslim cowards who abused him for being in the Army, and then attacked him just yards from his base.

The soldier who was in plain clothes was singled out because he was carrying a military bag.

Police last night established they have opened an investigation into the attack, which took place near Tower Hill Tube station, Tower Hamlets, during the Olympics.

The soldier was left with black eyes.

Military chiefs have advised the 4,500 soldiers on duty during the Paralympics not to travel alone.

Troops have been warned an Army issue bag “is just as recognisable as uniform and should not be carried when in civilian clothing”.

One soldier said: “None of the chiefs wanted to publicise this but it is a disgrace that people who are doing their jobs in difficult circumstances are abused and attacked like this.”

The Ministry of Defence have refused to disclose how many attacks there have been.