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IL Republicans mount new effort to stop voter fraud in Chicago

Republicans in Illinois are seeking 500 people to work as election judges. Election judges will receive $170 compensation for their time.


If Republicans don’t fill these positions by Thursday, then Democrats will be be able to staff them;  the positions pay $170/day and are choice patronage plums that Democrats have enjoyed for years. Typically, those slots are given to union thugs or “community organizers” to fill because Republicans have never mounted any effort to combat voter fraud in this state…until now.

There’s a remarkable woman here in Illinois named Sharon Meroni who has single-handedly declared open war on voter fraud in Cook County.  Democrats here have made her public enemy number one and have directed an Alinsky-inspired campaign of personal destruction against her.  Someday, you’re going to see a movie about her life on the big screen because she honest to goodness is going to succeed in eliminating voter fraud in the most corrupt and fraud-ridden county in the country.

She is the Erin Brockovich of voter fraud, back when Erin Brockovich was still the Erin Brockovich of anything.  One woman, standing up to powerful bullies, against impossible odds, working night and day with the political system and both parties fighting her tooth and nail.  She is absolutely remarkable.

But, she needs your help.

Sharon and her Vote Defender colleagues are still looking to fill 500 open Republican election judge positions in Cook County.