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Researches blame Roundup Ready GMO for cancer, deformities, and sterilization in lab animals and livestock

Roundup Ready GMO foods are genetically engineered to be resistant to the weed killer Roudup. As a result, Roundup ready crops are blasted with a high level of the killer that far exceeds the amount used on non-GMO crops. Russian scientists have concluded that Roundup Ready soy beans caused 100% sterilization in lab animals in only three generations. About 93% of all Soy Beans sold in the US are Roundup Ready GMO soy beans.

Different kinds of GMO crops are also breeding super weeds and super bugs who can potentially decimate non-GMO crops.

Note: Monsanto is closed tied to the corrupt Obama administration. Leaked State Department documents show that the US government spent taxpayer dollars to lobby the French to legalize Monsanto GMO crops in that nation. There is a world-wide trend to limit, regulate, and even outright ban GMO crops. Currently the United States does not even require GMO labeling. Consumers have no way of knowing if products they buy contain GMO crops.

Click here to watch video on the effects of Roundup Ready GMO crops.