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Taliban destroys $150 million in US jets. Biggest loss since Vietnam War

Fifteen insurgents dressed as US troops destroyed six parked Navy-AV-8B Harrier jets. The jets were destroyed during a two and a half hour battle. The insurgents had machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, and may have had indirect mortar fire. The cost of the aircraft exceeds $150 million.

It may have been the most sophisticated attack ever by the Taliban. Only one belligerent was captured alive. The rest were killed by US fire.

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Libya in chaos as Obama ponders new war with Iran

Obama has diverted US Naval vessels from all over the world to participate in war games in the Persian Gulf. The purpose of the games is to practice clearing all the different types of mines that Iran says it will dump into the Straits of Hormuz if attacked.

The Pentagon believes it would take thirty days to clear Iran’s mines causing a world-wide gas shortage.

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