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Last white farmers ordered to hand over land in Zimbabwe

White farmers once fed the entire nation and still had food left over for a large export industry. They provided thousands of jobs to black Zimbabweans. Now the former farmland lies in ruin, the economy is ruined, and their is widespread starvation.


Zimbabwean authorities have given an ultimatum to White farmers whose parcels of land were gazetted for takeover to wind up their operations, state radio reported.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Lands Committee boss Martin Dinha was quoted as saying that this would pave the way for new owners who were given offer letters by the government.

New farmers who had been finding it difficult to occupy land allocated to them under the agrarian reform have finally been granted permission to move into their farms, ZBCNews reported.

Mr Dinha added that a team comprising security personnel and other government officials would be deployed to ensure White farmers wound up their operations.

He also condemned some politicians who were allegedly protecting White farmers at the expense of the indigenous people.

In Zimbabwe, occupying gazetted land without an offer letter is a crime, which can attract a maximum penalty of two years in jail.

Zimbabwe launched the land reform programme in 2000, and since then, more than 4,000 farms owned by Whites have been redistributed to local people.