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Left-wing gangs shock Germany

Violent left-wing gangs marched in Bavaria on October 3rd with shocking banners. These are real photos! Not doctored!

Banners displayed slogans like “We love Genocide,” “No love for Germany,” “We love treason,” and “own with Germany.” Much of the demonstrators wore masks and/or covered their faces when being photographed. Many of the marchers are part of a loose international gang network known as ARA/Antifa. Members of the same gang network recently attacked a restaurant in a Chicago suburb with metal bars and baseball bats. The victims included an eighty year old woman. Five suspects are being held in the Cook County Jail and face long prison sentences for their role. The Cook County Sheriff’s department classifies the group as a criminal gang. Mark Potok of the radical left-wing SPLC denounced the gang network. However the SPLC website has been promoting the gang and posting links to an American ARA/Antifa website with a history of promoting and glorifying violence.

From Islam vs. Europe

Violent left-wing gangs march with banners reading "We love genocide" and "No Love for Germany; No Nation No Border"