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Media scrambles to censor and downplay vicious murder of twelve year old

People, and the mother of the perps, believe that two black male teens murdered a twelve year old Autumn Pasquale. They dumped her body in a recycling bin and threw her expensive BMX bike in a lake.

Police say they didn’t rape the girl. They didn’t keep the bicycle. Police only found parts of the bicycle in the possesion of the perpetrators. It appears they simply wanted to murder a twelve year old girl for the fun of it.

Now the story is receiving some publicity around the country. However, media outlets are censoring the race of the perps and and their pictures. About 90% of the media coverage censor the race of the perpetrators. Many newspapers and media outlets now openly admit to having a policy of censoring black crime.

Can you imagine if the races had been reversed? This would be the biggest media event in the western world. The races of the perpetrators and the victim would be including in every headline.

All across the US, white people are being murdered in random hate crime thrill killings. The media is aggressively censoring this information from the public.