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Think Progress appears to defend online death threats by Obama supporters

Think Progress demonizes conservatives as "race baiting" for exposing violent online threats against white people by black Obama supporters.

Think Progress is famous for saying the media didn’t talk about Trayvon Martin enough! Think Progress also ran a fake article about They claimed we were lying about the definition of La Raza. We responded by posting the actual definition from several major Spanish dictionaries.

The main person behind Think Progress is John Podesta a former Bill Clinton official and a former Barack Obama official. He calls himself a “real life Fox Moulder.” He vowed to expose government UFO conspiracies while a high ranking member of the Clinton administration. He failed to uncover anything. He now runs

Now Think Progress is defending violent online threats by black Obama supporters.

As reported on in the past, twitter is blowing up with threats of violence against Mitt Romeny and white people in general. The threats are coming from people identifying themselves as Obama supporters. Many of the threats are from people using their own real picture and their full names.

There does not appear to be any effort by the secret service to investigate or stop anyone from making these violent threats.

Podesta and Obama. The government is hiding captured UFOs, but black on white racially motivated violence is a "conspiracy."

For Think Progress to call someone else a “conspiracy site” is absurd. The patron of this “think tank” is a man who decorated his White House office with X-Files memorabilia and appeared on SciFi Channel specials about UFO conspiracies.


By accusing Drudge and Infowars of “race-baiting,” Think Progress is somehow attempting to blame Alex Jones and Matt Drudge for drawing attention to the tweets, while absolving the authors of the tweets themselves for their insane outbursts.

Infowars never warned that “black people will riot,” we merely reprinted tweets from Obama supporters saying they would riot if Obama lost the election.

Does Think Progress, as an Obama campaign front group, believe it’s acceptable for Obama supporters to threaten mayhem and violence if the result of the election next month doesn’t go their way?

Do they also believe it’s no big deal that Obama supporters are threatening to assassinate Mitt Romney if he wins?

Leftists habitually point to angry online posts in an effort to smear conservatives, but when the shoe is on the other foot, they miraculously develop a new found tolerance for online hate speech.

The article frames the issue as part of a slew of “racially-charged attacks on President Obama,” a trick routinely played by Obama apologists in the media who have attempted to characterize legitimate criticism of the President as racist.