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Vicious mob rampage ends in self-defense killing

A vicious mob of black teens brutally assaulted three young teenage girls after school in Meridian, CT. Or as the local left-wing media calls it “a raucous brawl.” One of the female victims was seriously injured and had to be rushed to the hospital. The media is censoring the race of the victims. The school itself is only 15% black.

Two of the thugs couldn’t get enough. They decided to attack a random lone pedestrian. The would-be victim heroically defended himself with a knife. One of the attackers died.

Black mob violence is getting worse by the day and the media is hiding it from the public. Racially motivated black on white mob violence has occurred in at least seventy different US cities in the recent past. In cities like St. Louis, Kansas City, and Philadelphia, it occurs on a regular basis. In the city of Savannah, GA alone, three young whites have been murdered by black suspects in thrill killings in just the past two months.

Black mob violence and the media silence