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Big CofCC Christmas meeting in DC Area

The DC Area CofCC will be a potluck dinner on December 6th. Canadian freedom of speech activist and CofCC National Board Member Paul Fromm will be speaking. Towson University White Student Union president Mathew Heimbach will also be speaking.

The CofCC will also have Christmas parties in New Jersey, St. Louis, and more.

Thursday, December 6, 2012 at 6 PM.

Background: The changing demographics of North America; the
ineptitude/irrelevance of the Republican Party; the retreat of conservative values; the
dissatisfaction with economic, political and social trends as reflected in
the emergence of the Tea Parties, “Occupy” movements, secessionist
sentiments, third party stirrings, and increasing racial tensions are creating a
veritable maelstrom of underlying unease and unrest which will soon come to
the fore with unpredictable consequences.

Our presenter, Mr. Paul Fromm, is Canada’s leading immigration and free
speech activist and reformer who is invariably involved in several battles at
any one time defending persecuted individuals from the political
correctness insanity of the establishment which seeks to obliterate all existing
individual freedoms and denigrate the culture and rights of the White founding
stock, especially in unfairly and improperly promoting the perks and
privileges of minorities and immigrants which conspicuously harms the majority
population. Mr. Fromm is a Director of the Council of Conservative Citizens
and has been a presenter for this Chapter on several occasions. He is in
constant demand in the US, Canada, and Australia as a speaker on immigration
reform, individual rights, and free speech on the internet. He is the
founder of Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform(, the Canadian
Assn. for Free Expression(www., and the Canada First
Immigration Reform Committee(

We will also receive a report from Mr. Matt Heimbach, founder of the
recently established White Student Union at Towson University in MD on the
progress of this one-of-a-kind organization which is thriving despite a tsunami
of opposition.

This event will also be a Christmas or holiday party and all attendees
will receive a special gift. There will also be several door prizes of
cherished items.

There is a cover charge of $15 cash to cover the honorariums and travel
expenses of the speakers. This will be a potluck affair and you are encouraged
to bring enough delectable food, snacks, or beverages to serve several

The event will begin at 6 PM with a business meeting and presentations
starting at 7:30 PM.

Please RSVP via email to