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Danish media forced to admit that immigrants have ruined the schools

Denmark is in a crises as Muslim immigrants absolutely refuse to assimilate, get jobs, or tell their children to behave in school.

Socialist Denmark has the highest taxes in the world. Immigrants from Africa and the Middle East typically go on welfare as soon as they arrive.

The situation has become so outrageous that Danish media is finally braking taboos. Even with the highest tax rates in the world, Denmark can no longer afford such lavish welfare benefits for all the immigrants. Immigrant children have made a joke out of the nicest public schools in the world.

Many immigrants absolutely refuse to behave in school and call their female teachers “whores.”

From Disptach International…

With a tax burden of almost 49 percent (all taxes and fees divided by GDP, according to the government’s own calculations as of August 2012), Denmark is the world’s most heavily taxed country. In recent years, Denmark has competed with Sweden for the top position but has now emerged as the clear winner.

Danes among all the peoples of the world retain the lowest share of their income after being visited by the taxman. And surprisingly, they seem to like the system. In one election after another they have delivered massive votes for Social Democratic and Socialist parties that have advocated even higher taxes, whereas center-right politicians that have urged tax restraint have been exposed to heavy criticism for giving “un-financed tax breaks” for “the rich”.

This ideological consensus is based on the Social Democratic state myth that the objective of all politics is to create the largest possible public sector because the state is our wise friend with our best interests at heart, and surely better placed to spend our money for deserving causes.

For decades, the swelling Danish welfare state has been the pride of the political class and almost all political parties have done their best to expand it.

Now there are indications that this welfare state is in danger of imminent collapse because there is not enough money to pay for it, and because the problems facing it are of a kind that cannot be ameliorated by more money or more public employees.

The public schools might be described as the glue that kept the entire social fabric together. Now the public school system is falling apart. There are huge problems with discipline; children – and in particular children from immigrant families – are not learning enough (it is estimated that 40 percent of children of Arabic descent leave school as functionally illiterate). As a result more and more parents are taking their children out of the public schools and sending them to private schools, where discipline is better – particularly because there are fewer so-called “double-linguistic” pupils. “Double-linguistic” is the official term for children of third-world descent, i.e. primarily from Muslim countries. The term does not imply that they can speak two languages but most often that they speak, e.g., Arabic and Danish equally badly, so perhaps “double half-linguistic” would be a better description.

It came as a shock in the middle of October to learn that half of the families living in the inner Copenhagen neighborhood of Nørrebro are sending their children to private schools. This is especially noteworthy in light of the fact that Nørrebro is one of the reddest areas in the country, where voters routinely cast massive votes for left and far-left parties, i.e. the very parties that are particularly keen on more immigration and on upholding the public school system.

A few days later, Danes received a lesson in the kind of problems that motivate the reds to send their children to schools that they are ideologically disposed to reject.

The bomb went off at the Ejerslykke School in the city of Odense. The school’s principal, Birgitte Sonsby, had become so annoyed with the way some of the pupils behaved that she exclaimed: “I’m so damned tired of you Muslims who ruin the lessons.” The father of one of pupils reported the principal to the police for racism and, as is customary in such cases, Ms. Sonsby had to withdraw her remarks and offer an apology. She was subsequently chewed out by Odense’s Director of Public Schools.

This would normally have re-established an idyllic political correctness, but something quite surprising happened: The Chairman of the Ejerslykke School Board, Peter Julius Jørgensen, wrote an op-ed for the newspaper Fyens Stiftstidende, in which he called attention to the kind of problems with “double-linguistic” pupils that the school had to contend with. They didn’t shy away from calling their teachers “fucking whores” and showed so little respect that it made teaching impossible.