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Family seeks justice for murder victim

White man is stabbed to death by two black suspects after asking him to turn his headlights on. If the races had been reversed, this would be a major national news story.

From NBC Philadelphia…

“I want justice for my son… they took the world from us.”

That’s the plea of Angela Simpers almost three weeks after he son, Michael Leger, was stabbed and killed after getting into an argument with a man who was allegedly driving without his headlines on.

Leger, 25, was killed on Oct. 28 outside a friend’s house at the Glasgow Court Trailer Park in Newark, Del. He was visiting the friend along with his fiancée and her three young children.

Leger, described by his sister as a hardworking family man, was sitting outside when he saw a car going down the road without its headlights off.

“Michael said, ‘Yo buddy, why don’t you turn on your lights?” Simpers said.

Police say the driver took exception and got out of the car to argue with Leger. Eventually police say the suspect drove off but not before making more threatening comments.

“He got back in his car and told him he was gonna come back and f’n kill him,” Simpers said.

Leger called 911 but before police arrived, the driver returned to the park with an accomplice and the two fought with Leger.This is a sketch of one of the suspects wanted in the beating death.

“Michael was fighting with them and one of the guys stabbed him right in the middle of his heart,” Simpers said.