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Israeli Rabbi floats new reason for Jews to welcome Muslims into Europe

It is well documented that Muslim immigration in Europe has been bad for European Jews. These new immigrants commit crimes against Jews at astronomical rates.  Muslim immigrants often believe they are supporting the Palestinians by attacking Jewish people in Europe. Most of the crime that is denoted as “anti-Jewish” or “antisemetic” in the European media are crimes committed by Muslims.

France has seen a massive exodus of French Jews moving out of the country. Muslim immigration/crime is commonly cited as a reason by those Jews who have left.

Despite all of this, many very prominent supporters of Muslim immigration into Europe are Jewish.

The most notorious individual is Barbara Spectre, an American Jewish woman living in Sweden. Spectre receives government funds from the Socialist regime in Sweden to promote Muslim immigration. Specter openly admits that Islamic immigration is bad for Jews and that new Muslim residents target Jewish people for crime. She also says that the efforts of Jews to promote Muslim immigration are causing an anti-Jewish backlash among the native populations of Europe. However, she says that Jewish people have a duty to continue to be on the forefront of open borders and mass immigration in Europe.

Barbara Specter tries to frame herself as acting out of extreme altruism. However, a Jewish rabbi in the West Bank gave a radically different explanation. The rabbi is part of a community of Jewish “settlers.” The West Bank settlers are often religious fanatics who believe they have a religious duty to take possession of the West Bank for the Jewish people.

The rabbi says that mass immigration of Muslims into Europe is revenge for what he says is past mistreatment of Jews by Europeans. His words are very disturbing and were published in the leading Israeli online news outlet

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