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Left-wing band denounced as racists

Left-wing musical act No Doubt, now denounced as “racist.”

The left-wing band No Doubt is now being denounced by other leftists as “racists.”

This is more proof that no one is safe from being denounced as “racists.” The musical act “No Doubt” is rooted in far-left counter-culture movements. The is no question that the band members are long time supporters of the far-left. However, that is not enough to keep them from being denounced as “racists.”

The band’s new video includes band members wearing outfits loosely inspired by American Indian dress. The actual outfits are more “Conan the Barbarian” style fantasy wear than any kind of historically accurate dress. The radical left is now denouncing the video and the band members themselves as “racist” and “offensive.”

The band is now grovelling and has pulled their new music video.

Singer Gwen Stefani in “racist” costume.