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Only partial recount ordered in St. Lucie, FL

A huge controversy has erupted in St. Lucie County, Fl. Some Republican incumbents lost races by extremely slim margins. This includes Allen West, a high profile Republican Congressman.

It is admitted that memory cards for some of the electronic voting machines “malfunctioned.” In fact, election officials changed about 4,000 votes from Allen West to his opponent saying the votes had been “misread from the memory cards.” The final count shows West losing by less than 2,500 votes.

County officials have only ordered a recount for the last three days of early voting. The ballots for the first five days are not being recounted.

Republican officials also want a full count of all voter signatures during the eight days of early voting. This would then be compared to the total number of votes cast.

Problems with electronic voting machines occurred all over the nation. A lawyer for Allen West said there are grounds for a legal challenge unless a full comprehensive recount is made.