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3-D printers will enable criminals to easily bypass gun control

3-D printers are already being used to “print” replacement parts for antique cars. Jay Leno simply “scans” his old parts. Makes plastic replicas. Then when it is perfected, he prints a fully functional metal replacement part. Photo from Popular Mechanics.

In a few years, advances in 3-D printing will make it impossible to disarm criminals.

by Kyle Rogers

There are over 250 million legal firearms in the United States. This does not even count the unknown number of guns smuggled into the country by gangs and illegal aliens. Even if the government was somehow able to confiscate all of them, criminals would still get guns to terrorize the public with.

It is a fact that tens of thousands of guns used in crimes around the world are homemade. Some countries are notorious for homemade guns like India and South Africa. However, homemade guns are even used to commit crimes in the United States.

Most 3-D printers only create plastic components. However, experts say this technology could be used by criminals to make a convincing looking gun capable of firing at least one live round. The technology is only getting better. The plastic printers can also be used to make molds for making metal components. A shop producing illegal guns for criminals could dramatically up it’s game with the addition of a 3-D printer.

There are even 3-D metal printers. They create finished metal components. Large criminal operations will surely become users of these devices. With a 3-D metal printer and a metal lathe, criminals could potentially obtain serious firepower no matter how strict gun control laws are. Even if the US restricted 3-D metal printers, criminal enterprises could make the guns in Mexico and send them across the border. The US government purposefully keeps border security lax, and illegal contraband crosses into the United States daily already. The Mexican drug cartels have already been known to build homemade tanks and armored personnel carriers. They will certainly make use of this new technology/

One man even constructed an AR-15 using a receiver made on  a 3-D plastic printer. He says the gun has been fired over 200 times and the receiver has held. This technology would make it easier for criminals to illegally obtain an AR-15 or even a fully auto M-16.

3-D plastic printers are already being sold to the public for as little as $900.

With emerging 3-D printer technology a small metal shop looking to arm criminals may be able to go from making crude, unreliable guns to full auto M-16s, machine pistols, and Kalashnikovs.

It is absurd to think that gun control will keep criminals from getting guns. Gun control only disarms law abiding citizens and makes them better victims.