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Four people set on fire in gruesome attack

Two black males broke into an apartment and doused four people in gasoline and set them on fire.

From New York Daily News…

The brutal attackers who doused four people in a flammable liquid and lit them on fire at a Denver apartment might have hit the wrong home, one of the victims said.

One of the women attacked has no idea why she was targeted Thursday evening, when she says two strangers came to her home demanding drugs and threatening to burn her apartment down. She suggested to CBS Denver the attackers may have been looking for someone else.


They sprayed her and three other people inside the home with the flammable liquid — possibly gasoline — then lit it with a propane torch, she said.

Police are still searching for suspects and a motive.

“This is a highly unusual attack and we’re very concerned about it,” police spokesperson Sonny Jackson told the Denver Post. “We hope that if anyone has information they will let us know who these two individuals are.”