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Gov. who admits causing mortgage crises wants guns banned

“Evil Eyes” Cuomo

RED ALERT! New York Governor Andrew “Evil Eyes” Cuomo suggests “confiscation” of legal firearms.

While Secretary of HUD under Bill Clinton, Andrew Cuomo publicly admitted that he knew his policies would cause more mortgages to default. Ultimately, his policies led to a massive mortgage crises. Despite playing a major role in the global economic chaos that followed, he remained very popular among the left-wing. He is now Governor of New York.

Now Cuomo wants to do to your freedom what he did to the housing industry. He is calling for massive taxation of lawfully owned firearms and/or the forced confiscation of lawfully owned firearms.

“Evil Eyes” Cuomo stated “Confiscation could be an option. Mandatory sale to the state could be an option. Permitting could be an option — keep your gun but permit it.” In other words, Cuomo wants to enact a huge crippling tax on all lawfully owned firearms. Illegal guns owned by the gangbangers and illegal aliens will not be effected. Those who can not afford the new tax will have their lawfully owned firearms confiscated by force. Law abiding citizens will be disarmed and the heavily armed criminals of New York City will prosper.

Let’s look at Cuomo’s record of destruction:

Andrew Cuomo ordered affirmative action mortgages for blacks and Latinos. He even called the mortgages “affirmative action.” In this press conference he explicitly stated that banks would be required to “aggressively” give mortgages to black applicants even if they don’t qualify for the mortgage they are applying for.

When asked if his policy would increase foreclosures, he said “I’m sure there will be a higher default rate.” Cuomo knew that a higher default rate would damage the housing industry, the economic, and the blacks families who would be given these affirmative action mortgages they didn’t qualify for.

Cuomo enacted unconstitutional authoritarian policies that he himself admitted would wreck the economy!

Cuomo is a totalitarian control freak who hates liberty and leaves poverty, destruction, and choas in his wake.