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Life sentence for hate crime murder of US Marine

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Where is the media outrage? If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in America.


The state alleged that Clay started the physical fight. He got out of his car, unprovoked to do so, and approached Kristen Lekosky on the street corner. The pair argued and he pushed her to the ground.

Ryan Lekosky helped his wife to her feet, then tried to wedge himself between her and the stranger. The two men tussled and, prosecutors said, Clay stabbed the Marine with seven short jabs — clean cuts, not wild swipes as Clay had claimed.

A second-degree murder conviction carries a sentence of mandatory life in prison, The obstruction of justice charge could add 40 years. Clay has a criminal record and will likely to be charged as a habitual offender, increasing his sentence to up to life in prison. Judge Ben Willard will sentence him at a later hearing.

The 12-member jury, seven women and five men deliberated just under four hours before returning its verdict.