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Media continues European “anti-Semitic” crime wave hoax

Muslim immigrants rioting in Swedish. The media called this a “Swedish riot.” Radical left-wing extremist Barbara Specter says the answer to Muslim on Jew crime in Sweden is to bring in a lot more Muslims.

All across Europe, Muslim immigrants are attacking Jewish people. Often they believe they are retaliating against Israel.

The media aggressively censors the true nature of these crimes. The ethnicity of the perpetrators are censored and the crimes are called “Anti-Semitic.” Most of the Muslim perpetrators are Semitic themselves. Why doesn’t the media call them “Semite on Semite attacks.”

The overwhelmingly majority of these crimes are committed by Muslims. Yet the media would have you believe that native European Christians are committing the crimes. These hoax articles in the media are slander against the native populations of these countries.

Here we see that even the Israeli media is pushing this hoax.

Chanel 7 Israel gave a long list of “no go” areas for Jews in France, Britain, Norway, Denmark, and Germany. It talks about numerous crimes committed against Jews by Muslim immigrants. Instead of identifying the perpetrators, it claims calls the attacks “anti-Semitic” and makes references to the 3rd Reich. The media outlet purposely leads the reader to the false conclusion that native French, British, Norwegian, Danish, and German Christians are committing the attacks.

Here we see one of the most bizarre left-wing activist in all of Europe. Barbara Spector is an American Jewish woman who moved to Sweden. She says that Jews are at the forefront of promoting open borders in Europe. She admits that these open borders lead to immigrant populations who attack Jews. She also acknowledges that the people who are ruining Europe with open border policies will be resented, and Jews will thus be at the top of the list of people to resent. Yet she claims that the solution is for Jews to promote open borders even with even more zeal!